Beard Balm: Ferdinand von Zeppelin (Cedar Wood & Tea Tree)

R 200.00

Cedar Wood & Tea Tree
This scent has a camphoraceous overtone combined with a blend of sweet Cedar Wood undertones and the warm bitter-burnt fragrance of the Tea Tree. Spicy, rich and full.
All natural, handcrafted beard balm that nourishes, seals and helps with styling the toughest of beards.
Crafted from the best oils, butters and waxes available.
How to use our balm:
(Instructions for average sized / length beard)
Scrape out a half a nail size blob of balm with your finger nail
Rub it off on palm. Rub between your palms until melted
Massage gently into beard, covering corner to corner
Comb / brush your beard out and style as desired
*Our balms are made to nourish and feed your beard, though it has a percentage of wax in it, it is not a styling agent.